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UGA Really?

January 2, 2012

Can a UGA fan please explain why coach Mark Richt goes for a 42 yard field goal on third down in the first period of overtime? I just don’t get some of these coaches, does anyone want to win anymore? I feel like some coaches simply play way too conservative. They go to great links to attempt to protect the players from themselves. When you have the best quarterback in the SEC and the opposing team has lost their turn to score. At least run the damn ball on third down, to possibly help the kicker out….all I am saying. The Dawgs have an unbelivably easy schedule next year, but they are content to go down on flames with Richt. There is no reason they should not be a Top 5 team next year…but will they? Not mention you have a 16 point lead at half…you know what you do? You put your foot on damn gas, most coaches appreciate the fact that no lead is ever safe! You do not give a Senior NFL prospect QB a chance to get back in it. Michigan State got simply spanked by Alabama last year, and the result should have been the same today. Why do some coaches just get so conservative, with their play calling late in games? You know why these underdogs always stand a chance? Because they play with the reckless abandon and a stronger will to win in some games. So UGA fan’s I feel bad for you, but the coach lost you the Outback Bowl.

You think we can hit a 60 yarder?


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