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Happy New Year…my head hurts

January 1, 2012

Am I the only one whose head kinda hurts this morning? Thanks a lot Captain Morgan. Happy New Year, and with a new year  we bring in a new promise. In the spirit of optimism, it is time for the resolution  list. That’s right the annual challenge, we all take trying to improve an area of our lives. I kinda like resolutions, and I have come up with a good list for ya, just in case you are too hung over to think of any.

  1. Pay your spouse more compliments….ladies LOVE damn compliments so make an effort to really blow genuine sunshine up her ass in 2012
  2. Be more confident…now more than ever you must be confident. The ladies love it, and it will only help your daily activities. If you want something, go out there and be confident. Don’t settle in 2012.
  3. Drink a Beer…if you are kind of a stiff person who cannot relax, drink a beer or 2 a night. This does not make you an alcoholic, but it may prevent you from being a stressed out prick.
  4. Get Your Ass up 30 min Earlier….I have started this a few weeks back during the work week. You just tend to feel more in control of your day…give it a shot.
  5. Try new things…I don’t care if this means food, sex, clothes, music, movies or activities. Stop being so complacent and spice it up.
  6. Eat more vegetables…this one is mine.
  7. Stop trying to keep up with everyone else….if your buddy just got a new 72 inch flat screen and an I -pad…if you can’t afford it, don’t try to keep up.  Nothing wrong with going with out, see rule number 2.
  8. Support Local Business…just go get you some wings from Uptown Wings, instead of Hooters. Help keep our friends and family in jobs they care about. Corporate greed is everywhere, don’t be a sucker.
  9. Vote Dammit…this an election year, so if you don’t vote that is on you.
  10. Stop liking things, just cause everybody else does…If you think Chick Fil-A is just average because it’s a piece of chicken and pickles. Then stop waiting 30 minutes in the drive through for it! If you hate X-Factor…celebrate that shit. See rule number 2.


What about you guys? Any good resolutions to share? Leave a comment, be BOLD.


From → DR.Mike

  1. Karen! permalink

    I resolve to workout more, wake up earlier and to introduce you to our friend, the comma. Good list! See ya soon!

  2. Bryan permalink

    I intend to eat and drink more. Rather than waking up earlier, I’m just going to cut out exercise. These will be resolutions I can keep! 🙂

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