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Get Outta Town NOT Katy

December 30, 2011

Man soon as I get home today, scrolling down half the TV stations is the worst news of 2011. Katy Perry and Russel Brand are splitting up…who gives a shit really? The fact that major news networks feel the need to have this shit flashing at the bottom of the screen, like it’s a 911 type event simply amazes me. So I guess poor Katy Perry will have to take her millions and fine ass body back out into the dating scene. If she had Adele’s talent this could be exactly the break she needs. We all know America loves a good break up album, so get to work Katy Perry! Look I like Katy Perry…I hate her music but I do love to watch her videos. I think America is simply addicted to gossip and we always tend to blow things way outta proportion. Celebrities are just like you and me except they have a ton of money,fame, privilege,women, praise, and better drugs. Other than just those few great attributes, they are normal. Many of them resent their spouses and cheat on their wives with ugly women…just like we do. So raise a glass tonight for Katy Perry’s loss, she got the 1st divorce out of the way. Not sure of the point of me posting this video, I just like it;)



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