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Chicks on Facebook

December 27, 2011

How come every girl on Facebook feels the need to stick their ass out in every picture? I don’t mean the family picture, the one with you and your 4 kids. I mean the “Ladies Night” picture…you know the one…the one where you stick your ass out every time.  I see these pictures every Friday and Saturday night and they trip me out. Hey, I like looking at a girls ass as much as the next guy…the thing is ladies yaw ll are doing it wrong. The pose you present is always like a half ass pose. The ass in really not out, it’s more of a bent back ass pose. So as we come up on New Years, and all the single ladies are fishing for compliments Sunday morning. Either put it out there, or put it up! Dude’s please stop telling these ladies “Oh that looks so good girl” because if you have to leave comments on a girl’s ass picture…you will probably never get it. To prove my point how many pictures do you see on Facebook with a dude shoving his crotch in the air? That would just be too funny, “Excuse me can you take a picture of my friend and me, with our junk all hiked up?” Columbus needs to check itself. Why are there New Years Eve covers higher than oh say 20 bucks in Columbus? These clubs downtown think way to much of themselves. I need to pay 35 bucks a-head at the Tap to stand out in a freezing alley, and listen to LMFAO for the 700th time? Not this dude, and we all know the cops will be on watch…to me that should reduce the cover…that is the word.

Ever seen this shot????


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