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Movie Review MI-4

December 26, 2011

So last night I went and checked out the new Tom Cruise movie Mission Impossible 4. I will be honest, I have seen all 3 of the prior films. Each film has gotten a little better, and this one continues that trend. So this movie centers around a nuclear war with the Russians. Of course it is up to Tommy and Robin Thicke’s fine ass wife to save the day. The series also introduces Jeremy Renner as new bad ass IMF agent, just as much as Ethan Hunt,s equal… and he is the new Bourne so keep an eye on this dude. The movie is full of beautiful scenery, basically spanning the globe. The coolest part of the movie aside from the BMW concept car is the scene at the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. If you live in a cave this is the tallest building going right now. So if you like fast cars, action, hot chicks, espionage, and fine ladies fighting…check it out. The movie also has some of the coolest technology concepts going right now. So for all the tech geeks out there, you should be more than satisfied. They have these new age contacts the agents wear, that basically make you a terminator, so that is pretty sweet.  So go check it out, it will not win an Oscar but it is entertaining. On a side note, I got to get me one of those fitted shiny suits in 2012;)


Bonus New Denzel Movie…looks GOOD!


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