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Christmas Questions?????

December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas Dammit! Hope all the boys and girls got I-pads and Kindle Fires…gotta start putting in some extra hours Pop. You don’t want little Jr. to be the only kid without a Dale Junior Go Kart this Christmas. Just make sure the kid has the new Jordans, even if that means Daddy has to get his ass beat down at the mall…but I digress. So I have a few Christmas Questions. I am sure many of you may have even run into some of these issues as well. Can some one tell me why 99% of kids toys have like a damn unbreakable box on them? This packaging has like nylon rope, Kevlar grips, zip tie straps and damn super glue from hell. All just to get a 20 buck Elmo from the Family Dollar, outta the package. I just don’t get it. I guess every year Santa needs to bring daddy a new Gerber hunting knife, just to get into these packages. Why do we as people always forget to buy batteries? I don’t care if it’s grandma new foot massagers or little Billy’s hand-held basketball game, some dude forgot to buy batteries…always followed by dirt looks of disappointment. Here is another one, and I am guilty of this every Christmas season. Why do we continue to buy clothes for people? Half the time the shit is not even close. The size is wrong, the style is wrong, daddy needs more support for his triple chin shirt…always something my friends. How bout one more for the road? Why do some people never have anything to eat on Christmas?Some poor soul is always at the Waffle House bitching, because nothing else is open. I mean can’t we as people, for one damn day, plan a meal without a fast food joint or grocery store? It’s like panic sets it, and someone is always pissed they have to wait until tomorrow for garlic bread sticks. Some where a dude is planning out right now all the shit he’s going buy at Wal-Mart tomorrow. Enjoy today people it’s Christmas Time!!! Have a damn good one…that’s the word.


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