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But I Got My Blinker On

December 20, 2011

You know what your blinker means to me…shit. To all those people on the road, who just love to wait until the last absolute moment to attempt to get over onto a HUGE posted exit…I say piss off. They ride down the road and turn their blinker on, as if that is some pass. Every damn day I have to come into Alabama, and we have one turn off lane from 1-85 onto JR Allen Parkway. To all those dumb-ass people who do not know they live in Alabama, and choose to “play cutzees” with your blinker on…you will not get in front of me. My take is no mercy on these people who rely on the kindness of others. You are not entitled in this world my friend and your blinker means shit to me. The funniest thing some people feel that when they have their blinker on, it’s game over. OH Shit this lady needs to get to Macys, and she has her blinker on, let me just stop the world and let you in.  So here is an invention for all you “Pro Blinker” folks. How bout we create a blinker that goes on your belt. Next time the line is long as hell at Wal-Mart, I will just walk in front of your ass, with my belt blinker flashing. You will just push your buggy and the people behind you’s shit outta my way, because I have my belt blinker on. That shit would not fly and you know it. So why do you play these games on the road?  If you are outta town, I can give you a pass but that is my only exception. Anyone who takes the same monotonous drive to work each day, knows the cars around them. We are all going to same place, work. Oh and to the dude on the crotch rocket who goes like 110 down the damn highway…my friend you will get what you deserve one day. I am not wishing it on you, but some damn day you and your pal with the blinker are gonna smack…That is Word!


From → DR.Mike

One Comment
  1. Meghan permalink

    Hahahahahaha!!!!!!! Couldn’t agree more!!!! Ya have to ride the persons ass in front of you to keep these ass clowns out….

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