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Saturday Drives

December 18, 2011

Every Saturday I usually get up and head to the gym downtown. Every Saturday I see these three older men preaching on the street corner. These old guys wave at everyone and try to get you to “honk for Jesus”.  They just smile and hold their homemade signs as car after car passes by. If it is cold or hot outside these 3 men take to the corner and just do their thing. I am not here to preach to anyone about religion or how you should live. We all have made mistakes in one way or another. What I would like to say, is I think it is pretty damn cool what these old cats are doing. We all need to find something to believe in, something we would stand on a street corner to represent. People tend to lose sight sometimes that when we stand together great things can happen. As 2011 comes to an end and we have Christmas coming this week…I would challenge you to find and appreciate that something. Take a good look around at family and friends, remember these times. Nothing and no one has any guarantees coming in 2012. I feel like I get so caught up in the hype and rush, that I forget what the Holiday season is really all about. To me it’s about family and friends and also reflection. Reflection in the empty chair were loved ones of the past use to sit. It’s about loving the predictability in someones expression when they get a shitty gift. So raise a glass for the 3 old dudes and the people who mean something to you. Put aside old differences and give thanks. It will never be about Kindles and PS-3’s, it will always be about the moments. I wish anyone who reads this blog, good moments.


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