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Gotta Have My Tunes While I Piss

December 15, 2011

Tonight, I am calling out these dudes who feel the need to have their headphones blaring  while they take a piss in the mens room. When I am at work, I see all these dudes who cannot take a piss without Rascal Flats pumping through the phones. Do you really need a damn soundtrack just to take a piss? Call me old-fashioned but, I tend to like peace and quiet in the bathroom. This has become an epidemic…to prove my point you probably have already seen the new Techno Hoodies from Old Navy. Basically it’s a standard hoodie with ear buds, instead of draw strings. I mean I love my music probably more than the next guy, but I can disconnect long enough to take a piss. If you are one of these dudes, can you please explain the rules. You only jam to Coldplay when you take a piss? Or you only listen to Lady GaGa when you shit? Oh now it just got nasty. You think these same dudes don’t have the ear buds in when they take a shit? Gimme a break, to me the mentality is the exact same. That is right, these dudes are pausing their I-Pod Touches with the same “Shitty Paw” they use to wipe. Look I can see the youth now with these Old Navy hoodies, jamming to Kesha while Pastor Phil gives the Sunday grace…too funy. You know what I would love to do, to each of these soundtrack pissers?  I would like to stand in the next stall, ask them mid-piss,”What you listening to?”.  I would then start to sing accapella style the exact song, foot tapping the whole 9…bet that would get me some looks. So let’s make a promise to kick out the jams after the piss/shit has occurred. Also to these freaks who whistle while they piss…knock that shit off too. I mean who the hell needs to whistle Piano Man while they piss? Answer is nobody. No music in the mens room…man law #55.


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