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Grades Are In

December 14, 2011

So Men’s Health, which in my opinion is the best mens magazine you can buy. Ladies if are you still looking for that last-minute Christmas gift, get your man a subscription to Men’s Health…good shit! Anyways, they came out with their best and worst restaurants in America. As you can image the fast food places were usually the worst. Men’s Health also conducted a study on obesity in America. The study had no real surprises, America is just getting fatter. We all battle daily decisions on what to eat, so I thought this report could be helpful to some people. The top restaurant in America was Subway…pretty much commonsense.  Who knew eating low-fat sandwiches could be good for you?  Hey if the sandwiches could get goofy ass Jarred laid, they must be good for you! The worst was the Cheesecake Factory…pretty much commonsense. If you actually dare to eat a piece of cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory, you will have basically just ate the average persons daily allotment of calories in one sitting. Maybe this list will help you guys make healthier lunch time decisions…this is the list.


  1. Subway
  2. Red Lobster
  3. Chick Fil-A
  4. Jamba Juice
  5. Starbucks..prob because they have no damn food



  1. Cheesecake Factory
  2. TGI Fridays…don’t get the cheese-sticks trust me on this one
  3. Friendlys…no idea WTH this is…but it sounds friendly
  4. Baja Fresh
  5. Perkins… I guess the big city of Columbus is still waiting on this gem to arrive
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