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Making Sodas at Home…Really?

December 12, 2011

So on Mike and Mike Sports Radio, every morning they do a promo for the SodaStream. Basically the Sodastream  is an at home brewing station for sodas. Look you can call me old fashion but I don’t support cheap ass drinks. If I give you a Crown and Coke, you can bet your ass it will be real Coke. I don’t buy or drink Wal-Sodas. Some people will tell you all cheap sodas taste the same, no the hell they do not. You just cannot taste goodness, because your palate has been tainted by cheap ass funk juice. Anyways, to me the only thing worse than Wal-Juice would be the Sodastream. You take some basic tap water and then inject the water with carbonation, finally you add a shot of some type of soda cream packaged in a detergent bottle. To me the just sounds nasty. You know when you have a real Coke and tthen the ice melts ? Then at the bottom of your cup you are left with a cloudy water/coke mixture…that is Sodastream. This thing costs like 90 bucks and you have to buy the soda cream juice separate. Then when you run out of carbonation, which is probably like every 4 days for serious Coke drinkers. You then must go to like Bed Bath and Beyond for some more gas/carbonation…sound like fun?  So the positive is this product is obviously greener than buying a ton of Cokes like most people do. So you guys be the judge, maybe this would be a good Christmas day present for the sophisticated tap water drinker in your family.


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One Comment
  1. Karen permalink

    My favorite part of this was your eloquent way you said “funk juice” and equated it to the “more sophisticated tap water drinker”….classic. You are truly the next Billy Mays!

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