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Damn This Awesome Commercial

December 11, 2011

Have you seen this new Victorias Secret commercial? This commercial is basically a 30 second hard on advertisement  for most guys. What says Happy Holidays more than a big breasted chick smiling right at you, lying on satin sheets saying ” Tell me you want me”? I can tell you what I don’t want is the shit I have to hear from my wife after it’s over. Ladies why in the hell would you ever ask any straight man, “Do you think she is pretty?”…Hell yes she is pretty. These girls are not camouflage Wal-Mart panty models, these girls are the Cadillacs of thong models. These chicks are basically female assassins, Vicky’s Secret knows exactly who they are aiming these ads towards. Look I am not a fool, I don’t expect most women to look like these girls. I also don’t really know what to tell women, when it comes to these  advertisements. I can tell you this…If your man/husband can change this commercial and then tell you these chick are not hot. One of two things has happened here, either he is liar or he has lost a desire for women. Ladies here is another clue for you, most guys really don’t care about your 90 dollar bra and panty set you have on. What they do care about, is what you got  underneath them….that is The Word!


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