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Where have all good fights scenes gone?

December 10, 2011

I get sick and tired of the same ole CGI fight scenes  that most movies are farting out today. What the hell ever happened to just two dudes or even two chicks just squaring off in the front yard? Every where you look it is some dude fighting a robot or some evil spirit. I wish Hollywood would bring back some good fight scenes. So in the spirit of that, I have created my Top 5 fight scenes with just regular dudes. I have also included an example of what a good fight scene should be, just in case you forgot. Post a comment let me know your favorite fight scence…Happy Saturday!

  1. Riggs vs Joshua -Lethal Weapon
  2. Rocky vs Drago – Rocky 4
  3. Jason Bourne vs Desh
  4. Dalton vs the dude that wore all deniem…you know “Mr. Hillbilly Claw of Death”
  5. Daniel Larusso vs Johnny Lawrence…this is Karate Kid for any of you kids under 20

Bonus: The Bride vs The Crazy 88, Bob Barker vs Happy Gilmour, Book Of Eli vs the Road Warriors


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One Comment
  1. grooda permalink

    I can’t call it my “favorite” fight scene but it certainly is the most memorable, disturbing and visceral fight scene I have ever seen (in a movie):

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