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WTH Netflix ???

December 8, 2011

I can tell you why Netflix is steadily going down. It is not because of price increases or concerns about upper management. The reason is they must only employ people who are completely bat shit crazy. Who in the hell is organizing these movies anyways? I got Lethal Weapon in the Thriller section…why? In the Thriller category I got Miracle on 34th Street… I am calling  bullshit on Netflix. Look I know some movies are harder than others to categorize, but gimme a damn break. Every time I log on, I am frustrated by the fact that an 80-year-old programmer is mis-labeling the shit out of my favorite titles. Die Hard is not an action comedy, it is an action movie but very little comedy. Rush Hour is an action-comedy we all know the damn difference, why don’t they? I mean the organization of titles is completely ridiculous. When I worked at the video store, we did not have Platoon in the damn “Feel Good War Movies” section.Stop creating new categories Netflix. There is no such thing as a “Steamy Western Comedy” category. They are just trying to confuse you.  Another thing is who recommends these movies.? I swear it is like you are looking for the Hangover and then Netflix says hey buddy  stop you may like Saw #22. If I want a damn Horror movie, I will find it myself, baring the fact it is organized worth a damn.  So clean it up Netflix! That is the word!


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