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The Virgin Show

December 4, 2011

So this was too good to not pass along. I am not telling you how to live your sex life, but let me caution those extremists that only promote abstinence. This show looks to be a real-life sample of how they may turn out…lol If you are 30 and just getting your first kiss, there is something fundamentally wrong with that. Can you even imagine how awkward the Honeymoon was? So here is a new show on Sunday nights for the rest of us sinners to sit back and laugh at grown people who have no idea what a BJ is. This is my quick list of top questions these 30 virgins may ask on the show.

  1. What is that white stuff? Oh shit it’s leaking.
  2. Which hole is the right one?
  3. What happens in these pornos maybe a tad unrealistic?
  4. Can we make a sex tape with Celine Dion music?
  5. Does that feel nice on your hip bone?

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