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Put Your Damn Buggy Up

December 3, 2011

As I am out shopping this Holiday season all I see is the astounding laziness of some people. Some able-bodied people feel they never, under any circumstances, have to put their damn buggy up. Hey lady, you see that huge cart-looking barrier…that is where your shopping cart goes. When I was in highschool I had to round the steel herd on a nightly basis. So I feel I have earned the right to bitch. I have always at least returned the cart to “The Rack”. So what makes you think you can go buy a ton of shit and then just leave your cart out in the middle of BFE? You cannot have a scratch free car to boot. Some jackass will always leave the cart out so that the buggy wind gods can play havoc on a nice car. Oh if you care about it, your shit will be wacked…man law # 109.  You know why? Because the guy parked directly next to the buggy rack maybe the smartest guy around, he is counting on your lazy ass not to walk the buggy to the rack. People never mind pushing the buggy around Wal-Mart for 2.6 miles, but I will be damned if they then do not have the energy to push the cart to its rightful buggy home. I just don’t get the buggy violators logic. I saw a man today walk to his 4-wheel drive truck in a total camo outfit, take out 2 damn bags and leave the cart. He then, no shit, opened a box of Little Debbie cakes, took off the wrapper and just let the winds take it…lol I saw this while I was guarding my X-mas tree and my wife had to run in the store. That is right in Alabama you cannot leave a tree unattended, or some loon will attempt to swipe it from you. So make the world a better place, you are not somebody special. Always put your damn buggy in the rack. The poor kid at Publix does have better things to do than retrieve your cart trust me on this one…That is the word!!!

Somebody please punch this chick in the boob!


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One Comment
  1. meghan carr permalink

    Hahahahahahahaha!! I had many a buggy dents & scratches on my truck. This couldn’t be any more true! Another pet peeve is leaving the ride on buggy/wheelchair out there. Some truly handicapped person with no legs is going Wtf bc some lazy fat ass left it at the back of the parking lot. Their fat asses need the exercise. Christmas shopping has turned me bitter. Lol.

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