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Kiss My Ass Newt

December 1, 2011

Newt Gingrich the out of touch, misguided old shitbag has pissed me off.  You gotta check this video out. I saw today were Newt told a bunch of Harvard grads that “poor kids only do illegal work”. Why, because I don’t know if you are aware of this, but all poor kids parents are pieces of shit. Here comes Newt to the rescue…his solution. Let’s put these poor kids to work as soon as possible. We can give them jobs like janitors or cafeteria workers…you know the American Dream. How many kid janitors do you know? Do you ever take a minute out of your daily like to thank the janitors at your job, the ones that mop up your piss everyday? Well, maybe you should. I wonder if Newt has ever worked an honest day in his life? Are your kids going to be the janitors Newt? I am pretty sure your kids have not done any hard labor in quite some time, if ever. Last I checked it was politicians like him that stood idly by as America had a financial collapse and somehow managed to get richer anyway. Another note is what kind of message does this send to the youth? Well kids give up on your hopes and dreams early and just realize the best you can be is a minimum wage workaholic.  The real thing this guy lacks is perspective. It is the poor and the middle class who go to work ever damn day and pay taxes…knowing they will never achieve half of what this man takes for granted. That sacrifice is what allows d-bags like him to sit on their damn thrones and judge the shit out of people like you and me. Maybe tolerance and education are ideals worth teaching the youth, along with hard work. I will be glad one day when someone from this generation takes of the blinders and leads this country back to the promise land…that is the word!


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  1. Ole CBS has this video embedded, and I cant take it off…lol. This must be the work of Newt’s people trying to keep the truth hidden. Stay thirsty my friends!!

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