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Attention Getters on Facebook

November 30, 2011

What the Hell is up with these people on  Facebook who consistently write these damn vague attention getters? I am still kinda new to Facebook, but I see these perpetrators all the time. Some people, mostly women just love to post these open-ended statements. They leave it to their friends or any other stranger to then try to decipher what the hell they are actually talking about. It’s like Facebook has a ton of CSI investigators roaming the web looking for the hard answers or the ultimate truth. I would encourage people who write these one liners to please try to be a bit more descriptive. It is such a “real world” double standard if my ass said half these things to someone at the local sports bar, they would think I was crazy as hell. I guess on Facebook the rules are different, people genially care to find out what you are not saying. So don’t fool for these people’s tricks. If you don’t ask them what they want, guess what they will stop posting this random shit. Here are some examples for all of you. These are the cliffhangers you or your friends may write that drive me nuts…but don’t worry I am not going to beat the info out of you.

  • I just can’t take it anymore.
  • Why do I even try?
  • Will it ever get better?
  • Women kill me sometimes.
  • Bad night Yawll.
  • I guess I was wrong this time.
  • OK fine, I am done with this.
  • Great, just what I needed.
  • He is such a jerk.
  • He is so good.
  • I am so blessed we made it out of there.
  • He is always watching.


Do you  see what I mean? People who write these are just begging for attention. I say we don’t give it to them and really piss em off….then they will then post “Is anybody out there?”  I know Mikey B is not!



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  1. Karen permalink

    Truer words have never been spoken. But I would add to those all those “desperate for attention getters” the infamous one word: “sigh…”

    I mean really how the he’ll can a status be, sigh…

  2. grooda permalink

    So true. If you don’t get enough comments this time you can always write a post about all those saints on facebook.

    “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

  3. Anonymous permalink

    My last Girfriend posted stuff like: We’re not together anymore since I wasn’t at any of these functions. I think they call this vaguebooking. And she used to say to me,” just ask, don’t assume.” WTF?

    “Most awesome night ever”
    “Ripping the bandaid off today”
    “Great days like this need to be replicated”

    Attention Getter Alert! It was never enough.

    • I see these stuff on a daily basis and I guess this is a call for help. It’s a shame that people feel they have to put every mundane detail of their life on Fb…thanks for the awesome comment!

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