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Best Cold Day Song of All Time

November 28, 2011

So all of a sudden it is cold as Hell outside…go figure. This got me to thinking of the best “cold day” song I could remember. A song when you hear it, it takes you somewhere dark and cold. I chose the Nirvana song Where Did You Sleep Last Night. If you have never heard this song and you are under the age of 30 you need some serious help. To say this a classic song/album is an understatement.  We all know Courtney Love was like one of the biggest whores of the 90’s. The emotion Kurt  puts into this song is really what made them great. I always felt like he was sing this song to Courtney herself. The whole damn song is epic, truly one of the great moments in rock history. Some people may say I just did not get the whole grunge thing. This song and performance are so much more than that. So I you have a favorite “Cold Day” song post a comment. I always love a challenge. If you do not feel this song you are dead on the inside my friend…enjoy!

Best quality video I could find…but it’s like a min short.


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