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The Panty Law Really?

November 27, 2011

So I am sure none of you fine people go to strip clubs in Columbus, Ga. If you did you already know about the panty/beer law in Columbus. The only reason I decided to write about it, was because 2 people were arrested over the weekend at the Carousel Lounge…classy place! The cops nabbed the 22-year-old dancer and the club owner. So here is the low down on this, basically you cannot go all nude in Columbus. If you think about it this rule/law is completely ridiculous. I just can’t follow the logic for this law. If you don’t want to see naked women at a strip club, guess what you don’t have to go there. Who is this law protecting anyways? Just so you know in counties outside of Columbus, you can go all nude. I guess these counties don’t have the moral conviction of Columbus. Some people will tell you, if the girls go all nude it will draw the wrong crowd. What crowd is that exactly? If you are referring to the cash only, beer buying soldiers or older men taking their boys out for a good time crowd. I say some of these dudes are good people. These same sinners that like to look at T&A are pumping the same revenue into this community as any other business. Last time I checked they do pay local taxes, even at the strip club. No one is forcing these women to work at these type places. To me the people who defend this law, have never even been to a strip club. How can you judge people/places that you have never even been to? Guess what, straight men like tits and ass…here is another revelation, they are willing to pay to see it.  I would hate to know the cops missed a real crime defending you, the strip club patron, from seeing a girls snatch…gimme a break. My final point is that  some women don’t wear panties at all. We gonna arrest all these women? It’s different they are not making money… really explain how it’s different to me.  What were the cops doing there in the first place. “Ahh yeah this is officer Jimbo, just doing our nightly Cooter spot check I think we got a violator” This is just silly to arrest people for this “crime” it’s just senseless…that is the word.


From → DR.Mike

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