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What cha got inside dem jeans.

November 21, 2011

Thought this was a funny story. Apparently a Tranny was caught/turned in by God knows who because the He/She injected Fix A Flat into a victim’s ass. The victim got really sick when its ass began to explode and they felt a little on the down side. Turns out injecting Fix a Flat into your ass to give you that sexy tranny look is risky…who knew?  I have never met a Tranny in real life, so I cannot recall their ass in particular. I think just based on the fact that I can say as far as asses go, women have genetics for fine asses. So this is a PSA to all the tranny’s out there looking for that sexy edge. If you inject your ass and or man boobs with Fix A Flat, bad things can happen. Also just take a look at this freak job who performed the surgery. How could any sane person not see this dude and go “I don’t think I trust this thing”. The Tranny’s ass/hips look like  Hillbilly deformity, straight out of the Hills Have Eyes. You don’t see little Chaz Bono cutting these corners for a fat ass. Hell NO. Chaz is eating every damn thing he/she can get it’s paws on. Sometimes it just takes hard work and dedication…Make it Tebow Time. It’s hard out there for the Tranny’s already, stay away from the automotive section of Wal-Mart. Trust me you will live longer…That is the word!

Damn Baby! Is that your ass?


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