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Welcome to the new World Order.

November 19, 2011

Apparently a group of UC students took it upon themselves to peacefully protest at the campus Thursday/Friday.  This was an Occupy encampment on campus. The cops arrested 10 students and sprayed over two dozen. The protestors were linked arm to arm in a peaceful assembly. The University had an issue saying that the students were breaking school policy and had no right to stage an Occupy protest on student grounds. So here is my take on this story. This is what we have come to as a society, we cannot speak up. The powers that be do not want to hear from the people…we have lost our voice. They want us to be mindless drones addicted to our cellphones living self-absorbed lives. I say to Hell with that! Last time I checked the Constitution overrides their damn little school policy. If it was not for the students who pay the damn tuition, the campus would not have a Quad to maintain. The chancellor of the school called police late Thursday and that is when shit got stirred up. The cops walked around laughing at the students about what took place. They stood ready to blast one of these kids, if they get out of line. The cops nor the University were ever in danger. This is the kind of shit that tends to divide people, when it should unite them. This is America and you have the right to peacefully assemble…it’s protected. So check this video out and come to your own conclusion. If you can watch this and defend the cops/school I would love to hear from you. To me this is unjustified and a bunch of shit. We let the damn Westboro nut jobs protest and we are not pepper spraying them at every turn. I encourage you to choose to care and stand for something…That is the word!


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  1. grooda permalink

    It can be worse.

  2. grooda permalink

    A couple of officers have been suspended. Ms.Katehi will, most likely, resign. There is a glimmer of hope..

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