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Why Do Rappers Try To Sing?

November 17, 2011

Listening to that new Drake Cd and all I can think, is why do rappers try to sing? I have noticed that some of the biggest rappers in the game all of sudden decided they can sing. Guess what you cant…this includes Drake, Kanye, MMG, and especially Lil Wayne. Stick to what you know, if I want to hear 1hr of auto tune shit I will buy a T-Pain cd. Even Slim has borderline sang some songs of late… I just don’t get it. I also have never cared when other music genres try to rap. I don’t want to hear a country dude rap because it just sounds fake to me. As far as the rap game goes, these cats will do a song with anybody if they know it can make em some money. I miss the old days when rappers did not feel the need to jump on a Kesha track just to sell. Buy any new rap cd and you are likely to find Jay Z featuring Miley Cyrus…why Jay Z? The good rappers don’t need 75 “features” on an album. At least if you are gonna have the featuring tracks, pick good folks. So rappers stick to what you know…come hard on the track and kill it. Have some hot girls in the video and no singing unless you got some lost Nate Dogg mix tapes.


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