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Why do you have to lie to me?

November 16, 2011

Look out friends, just in time for the Holidays gas prices are set to spike. You may ask why the spike? I will tell you, apparently a Canadian oil company has ended a 5 month standoff and will basically redirect a pipeline around an environmentally sensitive area in Nebraska.  So everyone blame the state of Nebraska for screwing shit up. I don’t believe this shit for a minute. For years we have been lied to and are made to believe that one energy company makes a change and the gas prices must spike/be adjusted in the whole damn country. Just be honest it is corporate greed. Big oil is looking for any excuse to bend you over before the Holidays arrive. They know good and well you have already promised Aunt Jenny you will be at Thanksgiving dinner next week. When is there a better time to slap your junk around like Sandusky in a locker room? Gas has been raping the American public for way to long. Profits and bonuses for Exxon shareholders and CEO’s border on the tip of absurdity. Every single time Big Oil feels the need to provide you the American public with a bullshit excuse. Where do you see explanations like this anywhere else? Do you see Mc Donalds all of a sudden charging 10 bucks for a Mc Rib, just because a damn Mc Rib truck turned over in BFE? So you better fill up because the heat is coming. Or maybe it’s not and they just want you to run to the pump like a gas crackhead whose supply is getting low. I don’t have the answers for a reliable alternative fuel source…I wish I did. In the meantime if you are gonna bitch slap me around, at least have the common courtesy not to lie to me. That is the word!


From the Monongaleh valley To the Mesabi iron range To the coal mines of Appalacchia The story’s always the same Seven-hundred tons of metal a day Now sir you tell me the world’s changed Once I made you rich enough Rich enough to forget my name….Bruce Springsteen “Youngstown”



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