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Thanks Obama for ruining my lunch!

November 15, 2011

Turns out Congress has our backs. Just know they continue to fight the good fight, blindly ignoring the economy and focusing on the real issues. Looks like Obama wants your kids to have healthier lunches when they are at school. For the love of Pete the President does not have the right to tell your kids not to eat pizza and french fries every damn day for lunch. Obama is pushing an agenda that would not qualify the two tablespoons of tomato paste on your kids pizza as a daily serving of vegetables. Every one knows under the current guidelines 2 tablespoons of  tomato paste is a considered a serving of vegetables, and why shouldn’t it be? Apparently some people that must not work for Congress think it is uncool to serve little kids a damn salt blocks worth of preservatives every day. Kids don’t need healthy lunches, look at us we are the healthiest country in the world. Think about it, when  is the last time you saw a fat kid? Answer..Prob been a minute. I for one am glad that the old ass, out of touch Congress has some sense. They know that healthy lunches is a bad thing. If the kids eat healthy and actually learn about nutrition, he/she maybe more inclined to make good food choices in the future. Good food choices = you live longer = bad for Congress bonus checks.  Healthy lunches may actually create jobs in some sectors…can’t have that. Also who wants the poor low-class kid who gets free lunch, actually having a good meal? So I say bring on the chicken wings, nachos, fried slim jims, soft serve ice cream and BBQ to the kids. Hell they can make their own choices, why should the adults look out for them? So Congress thanks for looking the other way, when it comes to actually making changes that are worth a shit…that is the word.

Just SuperSize it is paying!


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  1. grooda permalink

    You’d make for a terrible politician. But you’ll be a great dad one day.

  2. Kim permalink

    Are you gonna eat those tots?

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