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Somebody needs to stop the Duggars

November 14, 2011

Man, the wacko Duggars have been screwing and what do they have to show for it? That is right, kid number 20. Twenty damn little kids running around the compound loose, can you even imagine? How many more rounds at the “Milk Bar” those worn out rawhide nipps got left? For the record these people disgust me. They obviously have no regard for the other 19 kids they currently own. I have seen these poor kids in interviews and they just look sad and wore out. Wore out because as you can imagine the kids are raising the kids…the oldest kid damn near raises the younger brothers and sisters. I have no opinion on the Duggars religious views, I could really care less what they believe. What someone needs to care about are the poor kids, who will grow up to hate and resent their parents or siblings. Or worst case they populate the world with other wacko children. When in the hell do the Duggars have time for  sex anyways? I think just the sniff of a penis and Ms. Duggar can get pregnant, that is just disturbingly weird. When will it stop for Ms.Duggar? I guess when she is 50 and still farting out poor special needs children, then she may have a change of heart. I personally think 20 kids could be deemed a form of organized terrorism. I think they are up to something in that house…please see the movie Red State for an example. I also think to myself what kind of perversion does the man have? Mr. Duggar has the most accountability, this guys keeps taking shots in what he knows is a hostile zone. These women that have  10 plus kids cry because they cannot find a man. You can bet your ass, even if you looked like Mila Kunis and had J Lo’s money with 20 kids…I would not be around. So just be smart have a small handful of kids, raise em right and by all means teach them to wear jimmy hats. That is the word.

Kid number 3 please punch daddy in the balls!!!


From → DR.Mike

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