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Come on I-Tunes

November 13, 2011

Has anyone besides me ever noticed that the free music I-Tunes gives away every week always sucks? I can appreciate finding/discovering new bands, but I guarantee that I only download the free song a couple of times a year. For the record if you are still buying the majority of your music from I-Tunes, you must not like saving money. I have consistently found Amazon MP3’s to be cheaper. You pay less and it automatically imports into your I-Tunes. The best thing you can get if you are really into music is Spotify. For 10 bucks a month you get unlimited music, and a sweet app for your phone. I like it because you can preview any new music before you buy it. I-Tunes is still good, and I still use it sometimes. I just don’t see why they only give away one shitty song a week. Amazon gives you full albums  for free, most of it is trash but it’s still a whole album nonetheless. I-Tunes could at least once a month give you an artist you may have remotely heard of. I have a suggestion, why don’t they ever give away any live cuts? Hell I don’t know give me the Foo Fighters on Letterman show for free, I don’t care. You guys all know I-Tunes is smart as hell. How many times have you only wanted one song from a band and that damn song is 1.29? Knowing good and well every other song on the album cost like 99 cents. Do pay attention in the next couple weeks, I think on like Black Friday you can find a few good buys via I-Tunes. Has anyone out there ever discovered a  group worth a shit on the I-Tunes free music? Do you care? Leave a comment…that is the word.


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