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Top Birthday Gifts for Guys…over 30

November 11, 2011

So tomorrow is my birthday I will be 31 years old…that is crazy to me. Probably because anyone who knows me, or reads any of these blogs can tell I am still a tad immature. So in the spirit of birthdays, I thought I would share some ideas with the ladies. This list is good for all occasions, it does not have to be birthdays. So next time you nag the hell out of your man for ideas, Don’t be mad because he cannot tell you what he wants just come check the blog. Any guy or gals that want to dispute my list, please leave a comment…I also have a list of bad ideas included as well.

Good Ideas/Top Gifts

  1. Sex/ sexual favors…wont cost you anything!
  2. Top shelf alcohol…much like sex the good stuff is not cheap.
  3. Tickets to an event…who does not want Foo Fighter tickets?
  4. Yard equipment…I highly recommend the jet pack leaf blower.
  5. Signed sports memorabilia
  6. Taco Bell gift cards
  7. New Shoes…what guy can’t use some new boots/shoes?
  8. Peace and quit…just leave em the hell alone for awhile.
  9. New Cellphone
  10. Madden, MW3, GTA…whatever just get a good game, then see rule 8.
  11. Good Man Book…like a book on beer,war, boobs, sports, or muscle cars.
  12. Bad Ass pocket knife…like one made out of whale bone or some cool shit.


Worst Gift Ideas

  1. Soft Core Porn…who is watching this shit anyways?
  2.  A hat…no dude needs another damn Alabama hat. Poor Harvey the other night did prob not get to 50 hats on his own and look at how he turned out.
  3. A cheap watch…no thanks.
  4. Anything that takes longer than 5 min to build.
  5. Anything from Things Remembered in the Mall…No I don’t need a pen with my name on it, that shit is lame. Leather Belt with my name…now we are talking.


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