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Roll Tide\ War Eagle

November 8, 2011

First of all this ESPN 30/30 series is pretty damn good. Yet again I am shocked that Harvey UpDick has made a national documentary on both the Tide and Auburn. When I see this guy, I see just how pathetic this SOB really was and still is. Most of us normal fans know and respect the rivalry, that has been ingrained in us since we were little kids. This guy when he said  losing last years game was like getting his heart torn literally…I laughed my ass off. This dude has 50 Alabama hats and named his dumb-ass kids Bama and Bear. They filmed him walking around his double wide. With the standard redneck gut hanging down ole Harvey poured his heart out. He said “I got too much Bama in me”. This dude does not represent either school in my opinion. To be honest I feel bad for the Bama fans that this guy aligned himself with yawl. I also had no idea that Paul Finebaum looks like a crackhead until this show aired. I have listened to that show before. What Paul needs to understand is that he is not a mediator, he is an instigator. This mans job is to make money and stir shit up. To me the characters that call into his show are a joke, and I just feel bad for them most of the time. My only knock on the show was the amount of time they spent on Updick. Harvey did not deserve more than 2 minutes of coverage. Lets make a commitment to be good fans, not wackos. This shit is just a game at the end of the day…that is the word.


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  1. Kim permalink

    Agreed! It’s the overly fanatical loones out there that make the state of Alabama look like a bunch of dumb hicks. Charles Barkley said it best in the special that there are a whole lot of rednecks that ruin things for all of the cool people in Alabama. I think Harvey Updyke is pitiful. What kind of dumb ass posions the trees, announces on the radio that he did it and what with, then denies it in court? What’s ironic is that this idiot didn’t even go to college much less the University of Alabama.

  2. meghan carr permalink

    Amen both of y’all!!!! 🙂

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