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Last Nights Game

November 6, 2011

For the record, I never really had a dog in this fight. I do watch a ton of sports and love college football. This is my take on the Bama vs LSU game. I will try not to piss off everyone and be unbiased, but this is what I saw. First off this game had SO much hype, that it was never gonna live up to the expectations. I felt that both teams were playing not to lose, other than to win. Both teams look to have no confidence in the QB’s on their teams. The defense was great, and I can respect that. Most of you know, football is all about adjustments…and I just did not see either coach trying to mix up the play-calling late. King Saban and the Madhater both played a conservative run first type offense. I kept waiting for either team to take a shot at a big play, but I guess they were too afraid of turnovers. I was shocked at the overtime play calling by the Tide. Lets be honest, you did not want a kicking game showdown to determine the game. To me it looked like T.Richardson should have gotten the rock for like 6 straight plays. It was a good game all in all, but I think LSU may have a sleeper waiting in Arkansas. Bama should win out, so where will that put us? I guess we will get a rematch or perhaps OK state might sneak in for the BCS National Championship game.  Good game by Bama, they just came up short. Sometimes you just have to tip your hat to the other guys. Give LSU credit, winning on the road at Bama is not easy.  What did you think of the game? Post a comment.


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