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Come on Columbus

November 3, 2011

The city of Columbus is pissed it was given the distinction as being one of the brokest cities in America by The Daily Beast. I say, chill out Columbus. Why you so mad anyways? I think by protesting the fact that Columbus does not suck, only goes to reinforce the ammo from The Daily Beast. Some of the numbers don’t lie, Columbus does have a 9.8% unemployment rate. I have personally seen the division in the gaps between social classes get wider in the last 15 years.  My thing is don’t be so damn doubtful  that things are getting bad for some people in this community. I think sometimes people who have not been negatively affected by the economic recession, tend to doubt the scope of the problem. Lets not pat ourselves on the ass too much that everything is just so great all the time. Columbus is what it is. We have maybe four major corporations located here. We have a ton of minimum wage establishments that dominate the local economy.  Columbus has 5 Wal Marts, 20 Mc Donalds, 10 Wallgreens/ CVS you catch my drift. Many of the small businesses cannot survive, people are short on money so they go to cheaper places. Small businesses usually cannot compete with national retailers…so they go under.  This town claims to be a center for the arts, but we have no music scene. I have seen so many things fail in this town, that tend to excel in other towns. The local sports scene is joke and we have quality facilities just wasting away. Years ago Columbus lost many of the festivals/events and they have never come back. We need some energy in this town and quite frankly kids I don’t see it. Lets take the criticism, make adjustments and learn from it. This town is what we make it…that is the word!


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