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Game of the Century?

November 2, 2011

Man I sure hope this weekend’s matchup that pits number one LSU verses number two Bama is a classic. This game has been hyped beyond words. It should be good, but to call it the greatest game ever before it’s even played is just silly. I will be watching  along with you guys and gals. Who has the edge? both teams have great defenses, that is a fact. Both teams have great coaches. To me it will come down to QB play. Non biased take, I think LSU has the edge in that department. Bama will definitely have an advantage playing at home. To me this game could go either way. If Bama comes out slow, I can see them losing. If LSU lets Bama keep it close the advantage shifts to Bama. What do you think who will win?

My Top 5 Games I have seen!

  1. Texas and USC National Championship game.
  2. Bama and Auburn last years game.
  3. Boise State vs Oklahoma 2006
  4. UGA vs Colorado…Colorado won…lol
  5. 2003 Arkansas VS Kentucky…7 overtimes

Whats your favorite game?


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  1. beckham permalink

    Game of the century? We still have 89 years to go. Silly football fans.

  2. Dash permalink

    Hawk did you mean to say boise vs oklahoma

  3. Thanks for the correction amigo…I did mean Oklahoma.

  4. Grooda permalink

    So, I thought this might be big and watched the first half of the Game of the Century. WTF! Please tell me the expectations were exhaggerated.

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