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WTH Mikey Myers

October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween everybody, I appreciate you reading! So tonight since it’s Halloween I thought I would do a post on the classic movie/series called Halloween. AMC has been running a marathon all night staring everybody’s favorite killer Mikey Myers. So like many of you, I have seen most these movies. After many views I have compiled a list of complaints about Michael Myers. Have no doubt ole Mikey has some great moments, but I want to look at his flaws tonight. So check out my list and let me know if I missed anything.

Things that make me wonder about Mikey Myers:

  1. How come he never goes to the bathroom? Mike never has to shit between killings I guess.
  2. How come Mike always kills the naked chicks so fast? Come on Mikey you are not getting any, so watch a while my friend:)
  3. Mike never cusses…even when he is getting stabbed/shot/ran over, I would say Dammit every time.
  4. Was does Mikey like his sister so much…that is kinda creepy
  5. Can Mikey smile? Does he?
  6. Did Mikey come up with the classic Halloween beat?
  7. Why does Mikey always have to use a knife on his victims? Uncreative Mr.Myers.
  8. How does Mikey take 6 slugs in the chest in the original and live to be in a sequel.
  9. Does Mikey like sports? I always pictured him as a pissed off Cubs fan.
  10. Any ideas?


Where is that Damn Pizza?



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