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Best GNR video ever

October 31, 2011

Back in the 90’s when music videos were actually good and meant something, nobody did videos better than Guns N Roses.  Aerosmith had a strong run, but I think the Gunners still had the advantage in videos. November Rain maybe one of the best videos of the 90’s, but I think this is the pinnacle of GNR greatness in videos. This will be a blast from the past for some of you, for others it might not be your favorite. This video is 20 years old, and to me is still cool. Here is my list of bad ass things that make this video great.

  • Supermodel chicks with handguns
  • Supermodel chicks in a cat fight
  • Crashing a vintage GT Mustang…followed by an explosion killing the bitching supermodel
  • Roof top rocking…always classic
  • Having a picnic in a cemetery
  • Slash
  • Axel’s shaking masturbation hands…lol. Try this one next time you go to the Dr.
  • Shattering beer bottles
  • Hellicopters
  • Floating babies with green eyes
  • Great song by a band that could have been Ultimate legends

Check it out! Happy Halloween


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