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It’s a shame

October 30, 2011

I was driving around Columbus over the weekend and I saw a billboard for John Tesh coming to the Rivercenter.  How awesome, John Teshis coming!! I am pulling for Kenny G, Yanni, and Journey to show up and complete the circle of death. Let me say, I do not know a single JT song and I can live with that. The bigger question to me is, why can’t Columbus get any bands to come here?  Columbus is like 90 minutes from Atlanta, but we have never ever had a music scene. The Rivercenter is a nice venue, as good as some I have been to in Atlanta…and we get John Tesh. What kind of reputation is Columbus trying to establish downtown? Sure we have the penis fountain and the downtown area looks a lot nicer. We have an infusion of young and old people downtown with the recent additions of all the CSU students. I know there are a ton of small to mid-size bands who play smaller venues than we have here. It’s all about reputation and I think Columbus at least in the music world, is the old Brookstone County Club member. You know the old dudes that ride around in Porsche SUV, wearing the Tommy Bahama  Fall collection…that’s how this town is viewed. It makes me sad that we cannot get any current or half way relevant bands to come here. At best we keep getting shitty burned out county music stars. The free concert series downtown is great. I think this town has a true love for music, but we just can’t get off the ground. What do you guys think the problem is? Do you even care? Let me hear from you, leave a comment.


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  1. grooda permalink

    I’ll try to make my comment shorter than your post :-). I think Columbus is a rare phenomenon and this topic deserves a sociological study in order to answer it properly.

    Columbus has a problem with all arts, not just music. I know there was a quality photography gallery that failed due to lack of interest. Springer Theater is mediocre at best given the size and the amount of money in this town. The movie theater showing award winning foreign and independent movies never had more that 5 people per showing.

    I guess Columbus is all about business, not arts. And business people here only invest in more business that provides immediate returns. Its not helping that this town is xenophobic and frowns upon any nonconformity and deviation, which arts thrive on.

    The result is you only get John Tesh and the likes here. Kitschy but totally acceptable and, most importantly, revenue generating acts.

    • I agree my friend, looks like the same old song and dance for Columbus. Maybe in like 30 years after Taylor Swift becomes a whore and alcoholic, she will make the trip down to Columbus. In the mean time we can keep rocking out to the likes of Styx cover bands.

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