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Walked Into It

October 29, 2011

Ok I don’t know who you are or who you think you are, but who are these grown people who fart all over the place? I was out this morning and I swear some dude shit his pants in my local sports store. There was a shit cloud in the air. Let me ask is it improper to call these people out, who take reckless farts? I mean it was just me and another dude looking at shoes, and the SOB just slammed me. In my mind I was like really dude, this is just not my day. Look I know everybody has to fart sometimes. To me there is a clear difference when one of your buddys cuts one loose, as opposed to some random ass stranger. The least he could have gave me was a “My bad amigo”.  The thing  that surprised me was this guy, just stood there so nonchalant  like nothing happened. I am sorry when you fart a stage 9 shit hammer, and just sit there a woller in the funk. You have serious problems my friend.  You know what is even worse? These women who fart all over the damn place and act like it’s nothing. Ladies I think just let those farts fester in their ass, until they just explode. If you have ever smelt a chicks farts, they can be deadly my friend. So people as you go off tonight to your Halloween parties, don’t fart on strangers. I will be out today and this shit has already happened to me once. If it happens again, I am calling you out. For good measure, I think I will eat some Chinese food and have some 4th meal before I leave, so watch out! That is the word!


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    i love crop dusting in public 🙂

  2. grooda permalink

    This post stinks!

  3. stef permalink

    Omg I was trying so hard to hold it in…the laughter I mean, lol! Too funny, so true

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