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College Rules?

October 26, 2011

I read today where the average in-state-tution has risen by 8.3% or $631.00 for the fall semester compared to a year ago at this time. At what point do colleges completely out price themselves in regular society? What I mean is, we all know the job market is über competitive and the forecasts still look pretty bleak.  Most employers want experienced candidates at a discounted rate, usually from the over 30 crowd. If they cannot get these people, they will mostly likely hire a straight out of college grad for like thirty percent less pay. The cost of a degree versus the income some of these jobs will produce is way skewed. If you go to a four-year major university and accumulate 80-120 thousand dollars worth of debt/student loans and you then get a job that only pays 30-40k. You are now pretty upside down, my friend. With the economy in the dumps a college education gets devalued in my honest opinion. More and more people go to school, and then flood the job market with highly qualified people willing to work at a discount. The business’s probably love the pool of candidates they have been getting to cherry pick over the last decade.

It is time major universities realize that college is a privilege not a requirement. If they are not careful they will basically price themselves out of work in many sectors of the job market. Colleges tend to think they are exempt from ever-changing. As we all know prices go up, but they don’t come down. Colleges raise the price bar, until it becomes the accepted “norm”. What is it going to cost most people to attempt to send their kids to college in 20 years? In your opinion, is it worth it for parents/students to pay yearly tuition fees for college…that will most likely not equal their total salary when they get out?


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