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October 25, 2011

As a loyal subscriber to Playboy over the years I feel I have a right to say the magazine is running on fumes. Today they announced Lindsay Lohan is rumored to be posing. Playboy use to get top flight women, usually not too far past their primes. Look 5 years ago when the Mean Girl’s Lindsay Lohan was in full effect, this would be great news. At this point I have no desire to see a cracked out Lohan and her nappy hair in a pictorial. The magazine has been on the steady decline the last few years in my opinion. Most recent editions just use the same old recycled pictures from the past decades. I have seen Pam Anderson’s boobs so many times in Playboy, I have lost count. The company needs to get a current/relevant star right now if it wants to survive. I for one am sick of all the hate for poor Lindsay…lol. This girl has been a cash cow her whole life. Her parents are completely bat shit crazy. I think her old man got re-arrested today as a matter of fact. Maybe she can get it together, but I doubt it. Here is my list of women Playboy, should try to get.  Ladies I guarantee for most guys if Playboy had a spread with one of these women, your man would have a copy. If he would not, I think I am revoking man-cards.

  1. Scarlett Johansen
  2. Megan Fox
  3. Emma Stone
  4. Hope Solo
  5. Personal Wish…Jennifer Love Hewitt

Women who should never pose for Playboy…let us pray!

  1. Nancy Grace
  2. Kate… from John and Kate
  3. Any of the women on the View
  4. Barefoot Contessa
  5. Paula Abdul

Let me hear from you, any ladies or men yawl would like to see naked? You don’t have to leave your e-mail to leave a comment.




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