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Come On Harvey

October 23, 2011

Harvey Updyke, the infamous man who we all know poisoned the trees at Tommer’s Corner, has been in court all this last week. This SOB is arguing his current felony charges be dropped to misdemeanors. This is based on the fact that in the state of Alabama an Oak tree is supposedly only worth 20 bucks. Here is my take, maybe someone should explain to this clueless asshole, there is a big difference between actual and perceived costs. You know that 5 dollar Sears and Roebuck Bear Bryant hat that sits in the Alabama Crimson Tide Museum? You think Harvey would be pissed  if they sold it to me for 5 dollars? I could explain a thousand examples of some cheap shit that has huge meaning to people. A recovered fireman’s helmet from 911, may only be worth 100 bucks in real life. To the guys in who lost a friend it is most likely worth a hell of a lot more.  This man is a disgrace to all sport fans. Harvey listened to the radio too much and thought he was apart of something bigger than himself. What Harvey failed to realize is that most college football fans can make the distinction between team spirit and stupidity.  My personal take is for Harvey to repay Auburn fans, he should have to clean up every piece of trash at Toomer’s Corner until AU wins another National championship. This crazy old man clearly had no life anyways. At the end of the day people it’s just wins and losses, don’t let your love of college teams cost you something worth having. That is the word…WDE!


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