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Shoot The Tiger

October 20, 2011

This whole exotic animal killing spree in Ohio that has been in the news is quite comical. I really only feel bad for the damn animals or other critters that got blow away. The cops apparently unleashed hell upon these beasts with automatic weapons…poor tigers. I am not a bleeding heart animal lover nor am I a member of PETA. My thing is why the hell did you have to kill 90% of these animals? They are unsafe…no shit they are tigers. I have a radical idea if you want a White Tiger you may own one. This is the condition you must catch and or trap one of these bastards to it bring home. Think of it like a courtship with your spouse. Hey, you may win some and lose some but that is the breaks. Same goes for these rich guys that hunt exotic animals, if you can kill an elephant with a spear and crossbow…go right ahead. I dare you to go old school into the lion’s den with a machete and flashlight and capture a lion cub. You know why you would not do that, because your ass would get killed. So go ahead and shoot the elephant with a 50 caliber rifle from a sniper tower, you great hunter. The real problem is that we let rich people buy what ever the hell they want. We as Americans have no sense of limits. Mark Zuckerburg could buy a fleet of F-15 fighter plans if he wanted…that does not mean we should sell the bastards to him. This whole thing reminds me of my favorite Trent Reznor lyric: “See the animal in his cage that you built, are you sure what side you’re on?” That is the word…thanks for reading!!

Clever Girl


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