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Hunger Strike!

October 18, 2011

I saw in the Columbus Ledger News today that a 12-year-old  boy was arrested over the weekend. This 12-year-old was arrested for breaking into the Sharks restaurant and stealing food late Saturday night. The young man was stealing food because he is homeless. What the hell are we coming to in this town when we have 12-year-old kids homeless walking the streets? Did the kid do wrong? Yes, we all know stealing is wrong. My thing is what choice did the kid have for all you go get a job you homeless bum type folks? To all those people who think that your environment does not directly affect your success in society…I beg to differ. How do you think we should deal with a 12-year-old homeless kid? I am sorry,  but if I was the officer on duty that night I think I would have broken the law myself.  I think I would have been like the cops in the movie Superbad. I would have taken the kid to Taco Bell for 4th meal and then to a local shelter. I could not bring myself to slap the steel bracelets on this kid and bring charges up on him. I just could not have arrested this kid. Can anyone say in all honesty if they were placed in this situation, they would not have done the same thing? You probably are a reasonable person and would not break the law, even if it meant your survival. It will be awful hard to teach this kid any life lessons he might not already know. Unless the lesson is compassion, we could teach him that.  Don’t be one of the people who turn their noses or gives a less fortunate person a dirty look. People are hurting all over, let’s all give a shit and this town will be better off…that’s the word.


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  1. grooda permalink

    The kid is not trying hard enough! Let this one slip by and before you know it you will have a town full of homeless kids wanting free meals. No sir!

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