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Show Me Some Leg

October 17, 2011

Man, is it a sign of the times or I am just off-base in thinking no dude should wear above the knee shorts. I go to gym, mall, beach, bar, public event etc…all I see is this dudes wearing these male daisy duke shorts. What man really wants to show off his legs anyways ? You think you are the male version of Beyoncé or some stupid shit. I cannot even take you seriously with your above the knee nut hugger shorts on. Sometimes these guys are tall and slender and they think that gives them an excuse to show off those sexy hairy, muscle-less legs. You know the funniest thing, these dudes are straight, I shit you not! Ladies if your man is sporting these shorts, maybe you should do them a favor and tell them to let it go. The worst offense is if you wear the short shorts with you damn shirt tucked in…really? I have man rule, you never under any circumstances wear shorts with your shirt tucked in. If you have balls enough to wear a pair of chick Umbros to the gym, god bless you. I see these cats with those little short nylon get-ups on walking around showing off their thigh muscles. You know who cares if you have fit thighs and you’re a guy…no damn body. I saw a dude over the weekend with his perfectly shaved and moisturized legs. This man of course had the aforementioned nylon shorts on and multiple leg tattoos on his legs. I swear it looked like he had the a state of Texas tattoo on his upper thigh, not sure WTH that is about. The whole full body shaving thing is a whole other rant. I am all for man scaping, but completly shaved…no sir. I do not want to look like a 12-year old boy that just sprouted his first pube over the weekend. So please for the love of Pete, put on regular sized shorts. Also if your over 20 and wear Jorts or jean shorts bought at Wal-Mart you will never deserve to get laid…that’s the word.

Not On My Watch!!


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