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WTH Washington

October 16, 2011

I know some of you may have heard about Herman Cain’s new 9-9-9 tax idea. The idea is that you would pay 9% for National, State, and Corporate sales tax. I am not hear to discuss Mr. Cain or his new wild financial plan, I have a bigger issue. How can an idea that could potentially create an even more negative environment for the middle class even be considered? Times are really tough out there for a lot of people right now, and I have become frustrated with how we are treating our fellow-man. I think some people are too quick to judge anyone who is unemployed and  tries to voice any type of criticism. If you have a good job and you have not been negatively impacted during this economic recession, that is great news. You should count yourself lucky because someone you know, maybe struggling.  Times have seemed to shift in my mind, this promise land is getting harder to find everyday. Most people are in a constant struggle to just maintain and stay ahead. I think that middle class is the backbone of society. It is time we started getting our due credit. Rich people do spend and do contribute, but so does the middle class. I tend to hate the notion that the rich are these great stewards who constantly walk around thinking of ideas on how they can give back. Gimme a break! We all live in our little bubbles, which is fine. My advice is just don’t turn on your blinders or you may get blindsided. The economic gaps are growing wider and wider each day. It’s almost as if the country is turning into the haves and the have-nots. Let’s all make a decision to give a shit about the world around us…we are all in this together. That is the word!


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