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The Boring Man and His Sex Drive

October 13, 2011

A recently conducted study reveals that women on the pill are more likely to pick a boring lover. On the flip side, these women on the pill usually have the mystical ability to pick a “good husband”. So that is the dilemma good husband vs the good lover.  I think sometimes  TV shows can play with the ladies minds, give them a false sense of what they are missing out on. Too much reality TV and Twilight movies might distort what a good guy can provide vs the bad boy lover. For all you ladies on the pill, let me ask you what constitutes a boring lover? What is it going to take to spice it up for these ladies on the pill? How bout your boring lover buys a sex rack to put in the extra bed room…that boring? Perhaps the man could use some of Junior’s college fund to bring some high-priced escorts into the bedroom for roleplay activities. Maybe a high-speed car chase in a stolen car while you perform oral sex on him right in the middle of a gun fight with the cops? For the really bored housewife, how bout a prison cell gang bang starring Mikey Rourke and Woody Allen? All I am saying is that any relationship is a two-way street. If you or your man are not getting it done in the bedroom…let them know. Try to fix the issue before you run off with the Twilight guy. Sometimes the grass is not always greener on the other side. Ladies you may want to realize sometimes there is a fine line between boring and preverted…that is the word.

So word on the street is your man is kinda boring...that right?


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