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Old man take a look at your life.

October 12, 2011

While reading the news today, I came across a recent story of an 80 year-old Alabama commissioner who recently resigned Tuesday. Thomas “June” Waldrep resigned because he has caught on video using racial slurs in reference to the local Boys and Girls club. The video went viral on Youtube and ole June felt the need to call it a day. I have 2 comments on this story. The 1st one is the South is no place for this old ass tired idealism. The racial issue will never go away as long as dudes like June, continue to preach their ignorance. What kind of man feels the need to make racist comments about the Boys and Girls Club anyways? The only way for us to move forward, is by leaving this cloud of ignorance and hate  in our past. Make no mistake, this old man was not sorry for what he said. June was sorry that his ass got caught. My 2nd comment is why the hell are all these public officials so damn old? Can we not find any people under 75 years of age without a poop-bag to do these type jobs? All I hear is the economy sucks but we are still capable of keeping June’s ass in this position for 21 years. It’s been documented, when you get older things start to decline. It makes me sad to know this country is run by a bunch of old ass, rich, out of touch old men. This man was supposed to represent the people, all he ended up representing was a tired, old past. I just hope the Boys and Girls club  skips past ole June’s room in the nursing home in the years to come. Imagine that June, a black person you may have to depend on. That will be the day right June? I assume you’re too proud, you’re a true Southern patriot. I call bullshit, you are just a glimmer of a past I cannot wait to leave in the dust…that is the word.

East Alabama commissioner resigns amidst YouTube video scandal – – News Leader 9, Columbus, GA.


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  1. John G permalink

    Mike, definitely want to commend you for voicing your opinion on this subject matter. Racism is obviously never a popular subject. Unfortunately, it’s definitely going to be struggle that won’t end anytime soon. What’s going to keep us going around in circles is whether or not he passed his views on and if so, how strong those people share his ideas and thoughts about other people. On a side note, I personally think you’re doing a good job with your blogs. I’ll do better with commenting on future ones!

  2. Thanks for the feedback, and well said John!

  3. Dash permalink

    Smh. Ole june. I guess hes don imus brother and dont like nappy headed hoes. Its 2011. Good review though my boy

  4. grooda permalink

    Luckily, we live in times when SHARING views of this type by anyone holding a public position means an instantaneous resignation. No excuses and explanations necessary.

    Sadly, we still live in times when HAVING an attitude like this is not a rare occurrence.

    I don’t wanna hijack your blog but I have to mention Alabama’s recent immigration law. This law is not only about illegal immigration, taxation and jobs protection. There are preexisting laws for that. This “strongest immigration law in our country” is about proving a point. This law is how this ugly old suppressed racist attitude is resurfacing in a politically correct manner.

  5. Marcus permalink

    Kudos Mike. Right on point. It is terribly sad that he isn’t sad or ashamed about his actions, he is sad because he got caught. Well, I hope ol’ June finds himself on that side of heaven that only allows white people. GOD BLESS AMERICA. It’s 2011 and yet so many dumb Junes out there.

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