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Gotta Love Halloween

October 11, 2011

Man who does not like Halloween? This is quite possibly the best night/weekend to get out all fall season. Most women get the permission slip to dress like high-end porn stars or prostitutes, and boy do they. I you are single and you sit at home on Halloween, shame on you.  This is a great time of year we have cooler weather, football, and scantily clad ladies. So I thought I would give you guys and gals some Halloween ideas if you are still looking for the right costume. Use some of these at your own risk, you will either be the guy who gets remembered. Or you may end up being the guy or girl who gets punched in the face…enjoy!

Top Halloween Costumes that are sure to offend.

  1. Steve Jobs…you will need a black turtle-neck, i pod, money in your pockets, and glasses with dual XX’s
  2. Rick Perry…you will need a dumb ass accent, a suit, and no talent
  3. Casey Anthony…you will need baby floaties, cocktail dress, Monopoly get out of jail free card
  4. Harvey Updyke… you will need Alabama T-shirt, beer belly, 5 o clock shadow, black-eye, and tree poison
  5. Charlie Sheen…you will need some flour in a bag, two of your skankiest lady friends to be your goddesses, Ray-Bans, and a thesaurus
  6. Amy Winehouse…easy one for the ladies. You will need some torn panty-hose, huge hair, empty liquor bottle, and a mole
  7. Conrad Murray…you will need a suit, needle,teddy bear, and a PDA
  8. Sandra Bullock…easy one again, 1-illegitimate kid, no man, Academy Award, and a copy of the Blindside.


Top Halloween Costumes for the ladies: CAUTION some of these are SCARY

  1. Sexy school girl…every man’s fantasy
  2. Sexy business lady…glasses are a must have
  3. Nancy Grace… you will need a bad wig, spare tire/muffin top, and just yell like hell
  4. Chaz Bono…you will just need a brown paper-sack to put over your damn head…easy
  5. Kim Kardashian…you will need a large ass, huge wedding ring, OJ picture handbook, again no talent

Gotta admit some of these are funny, and you know damn well they would be remembered. That is the word. Weigh-in and leave a comment, let me know if I hurt your feelings:(

Halloween Rocks people


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One Comment
  1. Cory permalink

    I gotta say Mike you havent lost your sense of humor. Still funny as hello, those are some good costume suggestions. I am gonna laugh my ass off if I see anyone dressed up in those costumes.

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