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Dont Be Nice

October 10, 2011

According to a new study being nice gets you nowhere in terms of a business career. NPR also suggest that mean people on average make 18% more money than the sweet agreeable guy in the cube next to them.  That is right, sorry to break it to you but being a jerk is good for your career. The study says when it comes to leaders, if you are perceived as being nice that show weakness. A person who is selfish and aggressive probably has the key characteristics we look for in leaders. As I have gotten older and worked in a professional setting, you tend to see the exact thing in the business world. In life if you tend to be pushover, most likely you will be taken advantage of. You need a raise? Chances are you need to be the bad guy, and insist you get one. People who are more vocal about issues tend to have more input when it comes to issues. Think about it, anyone know a jerk-off who is the boss? You may often wonder how they got this position of power, they probably have a hard ass side to them. It’s a sad fact but the mean guy tends to be more succesful. The people who tend to bitch the most and the loudest, tend to get their way. Look at Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerburg, these guys have /were infamous for being cut-throat business men. Look at the Donald and his pubic hair comb-over…guy is a legend for being a dick. We loved Simon on American Idol, when he was a mean asshole.He was a main proponent to ratings that AI saw. I like Hells Kitchen, ole Gordon just yells like a madman all show. My point is we love the bad guy. We also love it when the bad guy beats down the nice guy, or so it seems. So ask yourself, what kind of people do you respect…not like? Chances are you respect the individual who is a hard ass most days. Everyone is different but you need a little backbone to get ahead…that is the word.


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  1. grooda permalink

    A leader has to be correct or be able to persuade others that he/she is correct (Simon). Or have some sort of charismatic authority (Jobs, Donald). Being aggressive and selfish AND wrong all the time does not get one too far. That’s when one is just a jerk (_____).

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