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Broken Man

October 9, 2011

I was out today doing my regular Sunday running around the entertainment capital of the south, Columbus, Ga. I was at Target and I saw something that made me sad. What I saw shook me to the very core, it was a whole family of three wearing the same exact outfit. All three family members had on those Alabama T-shirts with the little dog chewing on an Auburn  toy or some stupid shit.  Forget the fact that no grown man should wear a T-shirt that has a puppy on it, but to be subjected to dress like your wife, so sad. It made me depressed, and I could not help but think of the look of disgust on the man’s face. He was a broken man, beat down by pressures of society. I imagined a controlling wife and kid making fun of this overweight punching bag of a man. Please do not tell me this poor bastard did not know that all three of them looked the same, I am not buying that. I cannot go to work and wear the same shirt as a random employee, with a comment from a fellow co-worker. “Yaw’ll twins?”…lol. That kind of stuff just kills me, just let it go. So unless you are going to a family reunion on a non game day, you should never wear the same thing as your wife. Think I am off base? How many of you know women that ask, “what you are wearing?” before they decide what it is they are going to wear? I know sometimes everybody has to take one for the team with regards to fashion, but give me a break.  I have seen this kind of abuse on past episodes of John and Kate, and it drove that jack-ass crazy. So this is just a warning to all of you. If you run across a family where everyone has the same outfit on, WATCH OUT!! These are most likely the cats who will shoot up the courthouse, if you know what I mean. That’s the word Amigos!!!!


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One Comment
  1. ashley permalink

    I don’t feel bad for that guy. You deserve what you tolerate.

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