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Worst Bands All Time

October 5, 2011

Ok kids, I was thinking about the worst band list for everyone. I am sure one of my worst maybe your favorite, so that is the breaks. To qualify for my list these bands must have sold over 2 million albums…that means most people should have heard of them. So here we go! Let me know who I missed and leave me a comment if you are super pissed about the selections. You don’t have to leave your e-mail to post a comment.

1. Nickelback…Canadian music heroes to hundreds

2. Journey…sorry I hate these power mullet jokers, they could easily be my number 1.

3. Creed…You guys remember these d-bags?

4. My Chemical Romance…goth rock for 14 yr old chicks = enuff said

5. Limp Bizkit…gotta love poser white boy rappers

6. Genesis…I hear good things about the old stuff but all I know is “Into Deep”


8. Huey Lewis and the News…poor bastard

9.  Fall  Out Boy… If you bought any of their shit shame on you

10. Maroon 5…These SOB’s are number one on the charts, way to go America

Just missed the cut:

Foreigner,Good Charlotte,Savage Garden, Daughtry, ICP, Linkin Park, Lighthouse


  1. grooda permalink

    All 80’s glam rock bands from Aerosmith to Zolar X

    Maroon 5 out. Greenday in.

  2. ashley permalink

    I applaud you. And i would like to add avenge sevenfold onto your list.

  3. Kim permalink

    Take Genesis off for one, then add: Black Eyed Peas, the Eagles, Chicago, Foreigner, all of the 90s boy bands and spice girls, and top it off with a little Fleetwood Mac.

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