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Ole Hank gets the hook

October 3, 2011

Hank Williams Junior has just been fired from his Monday Night Football gig/song because he cannot shut the hell up. Ole Hank compared Obama to Hitler…now I am not gonna get political on my blog. There are plenty of other sites for that and I want to keep it upbeat. Regardless of how you feel about Obama, I am sure most of you are reasonable enough to say the dude has nothing in common with Hilter. Lets take a look at ole Hank for a minute shall we ? For the most part, this guy is a no talent ass clown who refers to himself in the 3rd person. This guy has not sniffed a hit since the Carter administration, and somehow he keeps getting interviewed from the back off his U-Haul.  How many paying gigs you got left Hank? This was it, and you blew it. I could tell you that the only reason this guy is around is because of his father’s success. This fat ass hillbilly has rode his dead father’s coattails since the day he was born. If you disagree, how come nobody ever reveres this man. He could not even hang in the same room with a Cash or Jennings.This is probably why he had to do Monday Night Football songs in the first place. Some of you may not even know who the hell he is to begin with. Now ole Hank has been reduced to being a back up singer in Kid Rock’s band and the occasional state fair.  Now before you get pissed at me after ESPN pulled this has-beens primary money maker…oh shit my bad, Hank was singing a different tune..Ole Hank says he was taken out of context, blah, blah, blah. This “True Southern Patriot”  who was only worried about our jobs. Guess what? When the money left ole Hank cried like a girl, I don’t want to lose my money come back ESPN! I have never gotten a kick back from Hank, the SOB is not too worried about me I guess. My point is regardless of your political views, we are all in this together. If you are not smart enough to know what you are saying the wrong thing, too damn bad. Somebody needs to tell the unemployed Hank that a country boy can survive. Maybe he should sell that Bear coat and stupid ass hat/sunglass combo he rocks. That is the word!

This is what country looks like?


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    :sigh: I’m a huge fan of Hank Williams iii , and Hank williams, sr… so I feel as if i should defend hank ii… so, on behalf of the 3 hanks, I dedicate this song to you Mike Ballenger….

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